The Sandbox

Barbara A. Meier

The train howls it’s displeasure

at a town divided by railroad tracks.

The wheels held down by gravity,

hauling coal to Colorado Springs.

The train leaves a sandy trail for friction

in all the right places except for a greasy

smear on a railroad tie and an empty

sandbox in his parent’s backyard.

The gravity sets free the soul

held in mighty hands scared

by nails of love. A hymn in a whistle

fading against the rock.

Barbara A. Meier is a writer living in Lincoln, KS. She has been published in The Poeming Pigeon, Pure Slush, Metonym, Young Ravens Literary Review, and The Bangor Literary Journal. She has three chapbooks published: “Wildfire LAL 6”, from Ghost City Press, “Getting Through Gold Beach”, from Writing Knights Press, and “Sylvan Grove”, from The Poetry Box. She loves all things ancient. She works in a second grade classroom and in her free time she likes to drive the dirt roads around Lincoln.

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