Now Open: 'Pulling Back the Curtain' Special Issue Submissions

Now Open: 'Pulling Back the Curtain' Special Issue Submissions

Dear Ars Sententia Community,

We are thrilled to announce the opening of submissions for a profoundly stirring special issue titled "Pulling Back the Curtain." This edition marks a bold exploration into the realms society often prefers hidden, engaging with topics that resonate deeply within the core of our shared human experience.

"Pulling Back the Curtain" is an unapologetic journey into the uncomfortable, the taboo, and the raw truths of life. We're calling on you, our community of artists, writers, and now, for the first time ever, filmmakers, to contribute your most daring works. Whether through the written word or visual storytelling, this is your platform to confront the shadows, break the silence, and reveal the depths of what it means to be truly alive.

What We're Seeking:

  • Unflinching Honesty: Pieces that dive deep and don’t hold back, challenging the status quo.
  • Taboo and Controversial Topics: Works that tackle what society deems 'too much' or 'too controversial.'
  • Confrontation of Preconceived Notions: Narratives that make us question our beliefs and view the world from an unexplored perspective.
  • Raw Expression: Authentic, sincere submissions that might be rough around the edges but bleed truth.
  • Engagement and Impact: Contributions that provoke thought, stir debate, and foster understanding.

Special Note for Filmmakers:

In embracing the spirit of "Pulling Back the Curtain," we are excited to extend our call for submissions to include film for the first time. We seek documentaries, short films, and cinematic pieces that embody the theme's essence—navigating complexities, revealing uncharted worlds, and stirring the soul. Your visual stories are an integral part of this conversation, offering unique perspectives and the power to connect deeply with audiences.

Submission Guidelines:

Ensure your work aligns with the heart of this issue's theme, ready to peel away the surface and dig deep into what lies beneath. Include a brief explanation of how your submission engages with confronting the taboo and challenging preconceived notions, approaching sensitive topics with the seriousness they deserve.

This is an invitation to be bold, vulnerable, and to share what's real and raw. "Pulling Back the Curtain" is more than a theme—it's a mission to illuminate the dark corners of human experience and societal norms, saying what’s unsaid and exploring the edges of art and literature.

Join us in this transformative endeavor. Submit your work today through our submission portal.

With anticipation and admiration,

Isiason Brown
Editor-In-Chief, Ars Sententia