before time flies

By: Bruce Jay Baker

the cat awakens stoically unstirring

beyond the world spills in through warbling windows

preludes to a storm

palm trees genuflect angrily with bellicose boughs

rising sands and dust clouds obliterate the mountains d

arkening skies reduce the valley’s lights to flickering fireflies

throughout, the bone-dry desert air belies the flash flood warnings

the cat is thinking about scratching
the TV pings and wakens Mr. Cable
anonymous actors appear on the screen and joyously dance on a table
their rapture replayed over and over about what I can’t remember
but Anthony Scaramucci in my inbox?

again outside the leaves of shadow tipu trees flutter like a thousand little hands waving goodbye

or maybe hello, I don’t know

the cat is hunched in a corner staring up at nothing

my eyes have barely opened

Bruce Jay Baker recently retired from a 44-year career practicing law and is now pursuing his lifelong passion for creative writing. He is enjoying his second act immensely and looking forward to a few good years of contemplating his time in time.

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