Danny The Lush

By: Zachary Friederich

Danny was a soldier
He fought in one of those "Great Wars" and he always found that such a strange choice of words
Completely absurd
But Danny, he was lucky
He made it back to Marin county
To the land where the sun kissed the grape like the lover does the nape
Now, Danny and his best friends
They fancied themselves noble men, like some knights of a round table of yore
And they killed time trading stories of the war
Well, Danny and his tapestry
He could weave them like nobody and he'd always leave you begging for more
Even though you've probably heard it before
There's not a finer man you will ever meet
His heart was as golden as the girls on the beach
So they lionize
They pass the wine
They kill the time
They lead that glorious life of the noblest knights
Now, a knight craves adventure
Some search for some great treasure and everyday was a quest just to find
A gallon of wine
And these men, they were moral
They were true blue as the pillar and they lived by the strictest of codes
To never drink alone
Those wars, you know that they leave
Those wounds that you just don't see
So they cauterize
They kill the wine
They pass the time
They do what they gotta do to get through the night
California, I lie in your wake
And I bathe in the blood of the grape

Zachary Friederich is an artist from New York. They write songs that tell strange stories about colorful characters.

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