Gnossienne No. 0

By: Jordan Silversmith

In the house of no country
Live the people I could have loved,
Before I was born.

A country without borders,
A land of all names:
The numberless looking in the fields
Where waving stalks of cane
Burned sweetly, and fragrant was the night.

In the morning, they’re smoke and ashes.

Write this history
In your alphabet of time:
Mu: gravity’s sorrow.
Tau: beyond capitulation.
Aleph: silence starts again.

Zero: I’m keeping score,
But it’s not the game you think it is

Jordan Silversmith's novel REDSHIFT, BLUESHIFT (Gival Press) received the 2020 Gival Press Novel Award, and their poem "Praxis" was chosen by Philip Metres for the 2020 Slippery Elm Prize in poetry. Their poems, interviews and essays have appeared in SurVision Magazine, The Chicago Review of Books and The Vanderbilt Review

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