Late Introduction

By: Jordan Silversmith

Is it the vulgate of time that a strong wind blows
And flips some twenty pages back
And fifty years recede?

The sun is shining on the words. The sun
Gives fullness to the poem. The earth supports
A new knowledge of the world.

Or was it that this image shrinks
Confronted by celestial rays?
Does this iridescence, crude and shapely,

Graduate to mere illusion in the wind?

The wind is blowing on the book again.
The book is shut. It is on the table
In the afternoon. The sun is shining, passing

Through the sky, slowly. The book remains in light. Does the sun advance? Or did the book
Become the wave returning on the shore?

Joran Silversmith's novel REDSHIFT, BLUESHIFT (Gival Press) received the 2020 Gival Press Novel Award, and their poem "Praxis" was chosen by Philip Metres for the 2020 Slippery Elm Prize in poetry. Their poems, interviews and essays have appeared in SurVision Magazine, The Chicago Review of Books and The Vanderbilt Review.

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