Rabbit’s Foot

By: Melissa Martinez

Will you take a piece of me?
Pull me out and stroke my fur,
so everyone can see.

Will you dangle me in your corvette?
Hang me by your mirror,
just so you won't forget.

Will you defend my purpose?
To those friends of yours,
whose looks could hurt us.

Will you toss me below your bed?
Push me under with your foot,
leaving me for dead.

When you hold me, can you truly feel?
The torment that sewed me shut,
with stuffing of promises and a spiel.
Of luck’s everlasting touch.

I gave up all I am, inside a stew.
At least in pieces I left you full,
before I was sealed with Elmer’s glue.

I am the rabbit they cut the foot off of,
unlucky as I may be, I was lucky enough to find you.

Melissa Martinez is a closet poet. She's boisterous with a contagious laugh. She knows when to pull out her trusty clown nose and knows when we need the quiet. A habitual creature, with a story of struggle and strength.

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