Stairway to Heaven

By: Salvatore Difalco

I never finish what I start
and no one is reading my
letters to the editor, I just know it.
Word in the street is I’ve been
singled out for special treatment.
Is the bell ringing for you or me?
Answer quick. I am leaving
on a jet plane in the next forty ticks.
It matters that we say our
goodbyes and lick each other’s teeth
before boarding commences.
I might as well stop talking
if it’s all the same to you.
The strawberry shortcake
we ate on the way repeats itself
as I pray for zero turbulence.
We can all pray for that
on the smooth black tarmac—
for a level flight over
mountains and oceans or in case of emergency
a pilot with beautiful karma.

Salvatore Difalco is a Sicilian Canadian retired counsellor for incarcerated high risk youth who has turned to poetry to rhythmically vent his demons and what remains of his better angels. He lives in Toronto, Canada. His work has appeared in a number of journals.

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