Suicidal At Signature Psychiatric Hospital

By: Haley Guthrie

with a guy who actually thinks
he is Jesus

spewing old
testament angry

God, it hurts to be here
again among the unhinged.

blue threadbare blankets
sleeping with the door open

sleeping with the lights on
attendants making rounds.

unattended in the sterile shower
you have to beg

for three days before
you are cleared to soap only.

psychiatrist rounds
every few days, a med change

keeping up with dosages
luxury you can’t retain.

visitors on designated nights
show you are still there underneath all

we do is talk of getting out,
of going home.

i’d die
for anything, really,

it can’t be so bad but it is

Haley Rose Guthrie lives with her husband and her one true love (her dog), Benjamin Dingo. She loves hiking and camping. She’s an innovative costume creator. Halloween is life.

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