Trauma Response

By: Ellen Henning

This girl

employs careful eyes, ocean and mud.
studies your spirit, your speech.
cringes at longing, at a mess.
wishes for nothing, never.
inconveniences no one.
does her homework.
works impeccably.
operates honest.
waits patiently.
listens closely.
makes dinner.
arrives early.
stays happy.
swallows it.
takes note.
plays nice.
likes you.
says yes.


is a fawn

in a field

on fire.

Ellen Henning has a B.A. in Communication Sciences and Disorders (Augustana, 2010) and an M.A. in Speech Pathology (Miami University, 2012). Ellen currently co-owns Marigold Pediatric Therapies (est. 2019).

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