what if they’re not black holes

By: Bruce Jay Baker

what if they’re not black holes
rather they're someones, some things
peering down our glass bowls
like we might do with anthills
or fish, in keeping with the metaphor
is that farfetched — are we
what would the ants and fish think
if they could, or would

I’d like to strike up a conversation with our ancestors
peering back in time
better yet their tribal chieftains
mansplaining the universe three millennia ago
in their hats and scarves and robes and cants
no witchcraft there
just communal dance
chanting Thank You God!
Thank You God! Thank You God! Thank You God!
in hourslong trance
followed by signs
like floods and quakes and fires and plagues
confirming it all
Thank You God!
because we’re still here
that’s all you need
said the Chief Ant
and the fish agreed

here’s the thing though
about those things
yeah I’m talking to You
meddling with our laws on top of our lives
don’t tell me this seething freezing fishbowl is 13.8 billion years old
when the bowl stretches 93 billion light-years rim to rim
but nothing travels faster than the speed of light
you want to play games?
who’s that up there laughing at You?

and now a few words from our shaman

Bruce Jay Baker recently retired from a 44-year career practicing law and is now pursuing his lifelong passion for creative writing. He is enjoying his second act immensely and looking forward to a few good years of contemplating his time in time.

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