Isiason Brown, Editor-In Chief

Isiason Brown, Editor-In-Chief at Ars Sententia, is deeply committed to enriching the cultural landscape through literature and art. Grounded in humanistic psychology, his approach blends a genuine love for creative innovation with a desire to foster personal reflection and authenticity. He dedicates himself to nurturing transformative artistic expression, contributing thoughtfully to the cultural narrative. Isiason also shares his poetry on his website,

Rebekkah Hudson, Culture Editor

Rebekkah Hudson is an aspiring writer and historian hailing from North Florida. Equipped with a growing educational background in History and Linguistics, she has her passions set on understanding the historical interactions both within and across various cultures and geographic locations. She also currently writes for her newsletter, Bek’s Recs, on Substack.

Kellie Krevosky, Culture Editor

Kellie Krevosky is passionate about encouraging and developing creative minds. Storytelling has been the bedrock of her character ever since she saw the documentary Paris is Burning. She immediately fell in love with the intricacies of visual storytelling and the lines that connect us as humans. Kellie loves raw, emotional, and often disturbing portrayals of human nature. In her own writing, she typically studies the internal struggles one must face to be truly happy

Kasey Colton, Culture Editor

Kasey Colton is a culture editor at Ars Sententia and multimedia journalist. Forever curious, she’s dabbled in everything from broadcast to podcast to print, but her love of storytelling goes back as far as she remembers. In her spare time you can find her crafting, going down rabbit holes, and rewatching Curb again.

Erinn Luo, Poetry Editor

Erinn Luo, is a writer and poet, known for her community initiatives, including the Hunger-Free Hearts Project. She has been previously published in Avalon Writers Cabin, Scholastic, and more. She is also a Silver and Gold Key recipient from the Scholastic Writing and Art Awards.

Haile Espín, Poetry Editor

Haile Espin is a Mexican-American poet and writer from NC. She has been previously published in Apricity Magazine, Blue Marble Review, Valiant Scribe, Azahares, Heartwood Lit and elsewhere.

Charlotte Suttee, Poetry & Essay Editor

Charlotte Suttee, author of Weather and Beasts and Growing Things, formally trained in modern poetry and literary theory at Colorado State University, now spends most of her time howling, cooking, and exploring the life and literature of South America with her husband in São Paulo, Brazil.